We facilitate lending programs that increase affordability, increase access, and shift power 

Our Model


We enable lending programs that reverse traditional financial risk/return analysis to support people with affordable credit



Access & Power

We enable access to credit using non-traditional qualification criteria at the direction of partners who know their communities best

Borrowers: use resources to achieve their goals on their terms

Lending Partners: lead lending programs that center people in their communities


Community Credit Lab: provides support services to fill gaps where needed

Conveners & Funders: coordinate resources & partnerships


Investors: allocate impact-first capital to community lending programs

Systems Change

We work with our partners to effect lasting, systemic change together 

Learn how we collaborate

Learn about our borrowers

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Community Credit Lab is a 501(c)3 nonprofit

Address: 450 Alaskan Way South, Suite 200, Seattle WA, 98104

Phone: ‪(253) 693-0009‬

EIN: 84-1899948

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