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In partnership with people embedded within their community, we facilitate Lending Programs that

Increase  Affordability 

Increase  Access 

Shift  Power 





We enable lending programs that reverse traditional financial risk/return analysis to support people with affordable credit

Community Credit Lab - poverty premium
Community Credit Lab - Regenerative Discount

Access & Power

We enable access to credit using non-traditional qualification criteria at the direction of partners who know their communities best

Access to Credit - Figure 8 image which shows movement of howCommunity Credit Lab facilitates funding from Investors, Conveners, & Funders to Lending Partners & Borrowers

Borrowers use resources to achieve their goals on their terms.

Lending Partners lead lending programs that center people in their communities.

Community Credit Lab provides support services to fill gaps where needed.

Conveners & Funders coordinate resources & partnerships.

Investors allocate impact-first capital to community lending programs.

Systems Change

We work with our partners to affect lasting, systemic change by:

  • analyzing the root causes of inequality in the financial system

  • piloting and scaling examples of equitable lending programs

  • communicating examples effectively to our network and beyond

  • engaging in productive discourse and conversations

  • hosting quarterly discussions to explore new ideas together

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