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A Note on Kinship

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

As we enter the final days of 2021, it’s natural to reflect on what we have done over the last year and look towards what we aim to do in the future. Our natural tendency is to cross things off the list of intentions built last year, and recognize some are a longer work in progress. And then immediately turn to what is next—intentions for the new year that hold promise and excitement. In this rush of activity, it’s hard to remember to pause and be present in the day-to-day. To be present with those around us—to see each other, hear each other, breathe together, and be alive and connected with one another.

Returning home every year, being present for me is listening to the stories my parents share. In these retellings, they always begin with a person and how they are in relationship with us. That person may be a first cousin or the person who used to ring the school bell in their hometown. My parents always say that “we are all related” and I continue to realize that this statement is true, we are all connected—some in deep ways, others in a more distant or brief way. Regardless of the depth of the connection, we are impacted by one another in big and small ways.

"Regardless of the depth of connection, we are impacted by one another in big and small ways."

Reckoning with the realization that we are all connected can be overwhelming, but it allows us to tap into powerful emotions that can drive great action and collaborative efforts. It gives us permission to care about one another and open our eyes to how our actions support or harm others. It shifts the frame for our decisions from what is best for me to what is best for all of us and we start pondering questions like, “what is enough”, “what can I share”, “who else can I bring in”?

At Community Credit Lab, leaning into our interdependence and connectivity is what drives us. It is what allows us to challenge systems that prioritize individuality and focus on supporting solutions that enable everyone to thrive. Together—everyone connected to Community Credit Lab is choosing a future where we all belong and is a part of one of many solutions to get us there. We also choose to be present and honest with the work that it will take to get us there. We aim to see each other, hear each other, and make hard decisions together. Ultimately, we are building together and we invite you to join us on the journey.

In the last days of this year, we hope you find time to be present with us—to see, to hear, to breathe, to feel alive and connected. With this in mind, we ask you to join us and CCL’s Lending Partners and widen our collective circle of who we call kin with each breath, every day, until we are all inside.

Sandhya S. Nakhasi


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