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Thank You

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Over the past four months, Sandhya and I have met with people from community based organizations, county commissions, nonprofits, foundations, city chambers, investors, credit unions, community development financial institutions and the public sector in King County and the surrounding region. As we launch Community Credit Lab this month, we are extremely grateful to those people who have been willing to offer their time and expertise, both formally and informally to us.

In order to better understand the ecosystem here, we have spent time identifying the conversations we've had to date and working to map interconnectivity between stakeholders, where possible based on our current understanding:

Note: at this stage, this mapping is just a snapshot based on conversations we've had to date that have highlighted formal or informal partnerships and connections - it is by no means a complete representation of interactions (or lack thereof) and stakeholders in King County. The Legend indicates whether we've met as of Aug 1, 2019.

To those individuals that work tirelessly towards change from community based organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions, as well as other members of various communities that we have engaged and interacted with so far - thank you. We know your time is extremely valuable and we aim to always respect and appreciate it. We also recognize and appreciate the enormous amount of work that you have done and continue to do on an ongoing basis - we look forward to continuing to learn from you and working to support you.

To those individuals with expertise as funders, investors and advisors, thank you for sharing your candid feedback and being patient as we begin our journey. Your thoughts and guidance have been extremely valuable and your suggestions continue to help shape our approach on an ongoing basis. Thank you as well for the many introductions to other stakeholders - this connectivity has been invaluable in our early stages.

Two individuals worked directly with us to support our transition to date and we could not be where we are without them:

Camaridah, thank you for your help as our intern this summer - your positive energy and desire to support our stakeholder mapping was highly appreciated and valued. Without it, we never could have begun to wrap our heads around the different groups and connectivity between stakeholders in King County.

Michelle, without your support setting up our accounting, finance, and operations, we would not have been able to focus so much externally - thank you for your help setting up so much in our early startup days!

Thank you to the service providers that have helped us with pro-bono and discounted support services, even as we await our 501(c)3 status from the IRS. Judy, thank you for your assistance with our governing documents and helping us submit our 1023 to the IRS. To the many other people from service providers that have supported us in the past and continue to support us now with pro-bono or low-bono services, thank you.

Without the support of Tondo Foundation, Community Credit Lab would not exist and our research and learning phase would not have been possible. As we continue learning, iterating and adapting our model, we can't help but look back on all that we have learned working under the Tondo umbrella. As we continue to engage across stakeholder groups, Fran's kind and incessant reminders to remain focused on nonprofits and the communities that we seek to support will forever be ringing in our ears. Nicky, thank you for your time and willingness to help support us to broaden our scope of thinking (and the encouraging words to "keep zooming in and out" in our process). To the rest of the Tondo team and governance, thank you for your resources, support and guidance - we owe our inception and so much more to you and to Dick's generosity.

At this stage, Sandhya and I are anxious and excited about our next steps: in some ways it feels gratifying to build something from scratch and roll it out, but in others it seems extremely daunting. We find energy by engaging with communities, nonprofits, social enterprises, funders and investors that have begun to show desire to partner. We look forward to continuing on this journey together. Please feel free to contact us directly at our new emails going forwards:



Thank you!


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