Our services include: 


Lending Program Design

Investment Structuring

Capital Facilitation

Loan Management

Reporting & Analytics 

Our services focus on using credit as a tool to achieve: 

Racial Equity

Environmental Justice

Food Equity

Economic Equity

Social Justice

What People Say 

"I appreciate the opportunity to become a borrower. I am trying to build my credit, and without your help I wouldn’t be able to attend the Ada Developers Academy tech bootcamp, which will be a life changing experience."

- Borrower

“The whole process and the communication from the people reviewing the loans was clear and easy to follow and I cannot think of any improvements, as my experience was great.”

- Borrower

"I am interested in how we can do a better job spreading the story of your work to other investors."

- Investor

"My thanks to you for the exciting work you are doing at Community Credit Lab."

- Investor

Community Credit Lab is a 501(c)3 nonprofit

Address: 450 Alaskan Way South, Suite 200, Seattle WA, 98104

Phone: ‪(253) 693-0009‬

EIN: 84-1899948

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