• Sandhya Nakhasi

Tech Employment Lending Program

Updated: May 1, 2020

Community Credit Lab is excited to announce our newest partnership with Jewish Family Service of Seattle to provide access to 0% interest loans to support living expenses for foreign educated immigrants and refugee professionals participating in the inaugural complimentary coding bootcamp with Coding Dojo. Participants will receive comprehensive employment case management support, monetary support for some living expenses and access to professional mentors from Jewish Family Service, coding training and employment facilitation from Coding Dojo, and living stipend loans from Community Credit Lab.

As a part of enrolling in the Coding Dojo bootcamp offered in partnership with Jewish Family Service of Seattle, participants will be given a $1,000, 0% interest loan from Community Credit Lab to pay for living expenses during the course. The amount due back to Community Credit Lab will only be the amount borrowed paid over time and will be repaid when participants gain access to employment. We are excited to pilot this multi-pronged partnership and support people who have relevant skills from foreign countries as they seek to access training and career support, increase income, and establish themselves in the community.

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